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About us

Welcome to the future of Digital Media Studies! We are the Doctoral Program in Digital Media, a groundbreaking joint program offered by the prestigious University of Porto, the New University of Lisbon, and the University of Lisbon. We firmly believe in the transformative power of digital media and the immense potential it offers for redefining how we interact with the world.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our program uniquely blends the disciplines of Humanities, Fine Arts, Economics, Sciences, and Engineering, offering a rich, multidisciplinary perspective on digital media. We endeavor to explore the intersection of technology and society, examining the profound influence of digital media on human-computer interaction, content creation, journalism, data management, and industry markets.

Advanced Training

We offer advanced training in the realm of digital media, focusing on creating leaders who will drive the digital transformation. From video games to interactive content, from mobile apps to social networks, we delve deep into various applications of digital media, preparing our students for the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Research and Innovation

Our aim is to foster innovative thought and nurture a culture of research that pushes the boundaries of current knowledge in digital media. We support our students in pioneering research projects, facilitating their contributions to academia and industry alike.

Learning Journey

Our course is structured over four years, with a strong emphasis on hands-on research. The first year is dedicated to a rigorous curricular component, followed by three years of research-intensive learning.

Global Impact

With our graduates going on to become researchers, university professors, and innovation leaders, we pride ourselves in having a significant global impact. By training professionals at the cutting edge of digital media, we contribute to the digital transition processes worldwide.

Check out our comprehensive student guide, providing invaluable resources to navigate and thrive during your PhD experience.


Balanced Curriculum

Spanning across four enriching years, we offer students the flexibility to customize their academic journey, aligning it with their personal interests and career aspirations.

Transcending Boundaries

Imagine the enriching experience of being enrolled in Porto, yet having the opportunity to interact and learn from a distinguished professor based in Lisbon - and vice versa! This is what our program offers: the unique chance to transcend geographical boundaries and tap into a wealth of scientific knowledge from diverse intellectual hubs. Visit course structure page to find descriptions of each course and the universities where they are officially held. Additionally, you have the opportunity to participate remotely. Please read these descriptions carefully in order to make an informed decision about which eight courses to choose for this PhD program.

Hybrid Learning

The majority of our courses employ a hybrid teaching approach. This modality bridges the gap between students and faculty across our three participating universities.




Hold a relevant master's degree and be proficient in English.

How to Apply

Apply online at your preferred partner university: University of Porto, New University of Lisbon (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias: FCT and Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas: FCSH), or University of Lisbon (Instituto Superior Técnico: IST and Faculdade de Ciências: FC).


Applications are thoroughly reviewed, with interviews for selected candidates.

Specific Procedures

Follow the guidelines of the university where you apply due to potential unique rules and procedures.

Key Dates

Refer to the academic calendar of the selected university for deadlines.


Research Excellence

Our faculty are at the forefront of digital media research, pushing boundaries and leading innovation. Discover their groundbreaking work!

Mentorship & Guidance

Our faculty provide supportive mentorship and guidance to students throughout their doctoral journey. You're not just joining a program; you're joining a community of scholars.

Collaboration Across Borders

We foster a collaborative environment where faculty from our partner universities work together to provide a rich, multidisciplinary learning experience.

Program Directors


Local University Coordinators

For specific faculty for each course, please refer to the course structure page.


Digital Media is a rapidly evolving field, and our doctoral program places strong emphasis on innovative and impactful research. We push the boundaries of knowledge and strive for advancements that can shape the future of digital media. Our program's multidisciplinary nature covers a wide array of research areas, from technology and human-machine interaction to journalism, data and information management, and more. Explore our diverse research areas.


Join us for exciting social events that bring together students and faculty from all three institutions. These gatherings foster strong relationships and open doors for joint projects and publications. It's where community-building and collaboration come alive!

Annual Opening Session

Kick off your journey with our Annual Opening Session, conducted each fall semester. This hybrid event offers insights into our program, testimonies from current students and alumni, practical tips for PhD life, and an interactive Q&A segment. A comprehensive start to your exciting academic adventure.

Reboot Festival

Don't miss our Annual Doctoral Symposium at the Reboot Festival. This rotating event gives you a chance to showcase your work. Student-led and coordinated with our help, it's a wonderful opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills.

PDMD Meetups

Join our monthly meetups from October to June. These meetups serve as a platform for you to present your research, ideas, or projects. Foster valuable connections during these hybrid-format gatherings.


Participate in our periodic roundtable discussions featuring faculty members and guest experts. Discuss emerging trends in digital media technologies like gamification, storytelling, music, and human-computer interaction. Use the networking opportunities to connect and share ideas. Spearheaded by students from our Seminar course, these events nurture a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.


Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n


Please contact the Program Directors (contacts above).